Women in Photography 2019 | Curator Talk: Nepal Picture Library

Sat, 12 Oct 2019, 430pm to 530pm
Workshop Space, Objectifs

Objectifs' fifth edition of Women in Film and Photography seeks to explore how rage against discrimination, repression, inequality and injustice can be channeled into a force for awareness, action and change through art.

The women image-makers featured in this programme have created works that speak to local and international concerns, disrupting hegemonic narratives by surfacing stories of marginalised communities and invisible figures of history. Through these works, the programme aims to celebrate, enrich and underline the necessity of diverse voices and representation.

Join us for a talk with DIWAS KC from NEPAL PICTURE LIBRARY, which will be featuring The Public Life of Women – A Feminist Memory Project in the WOMEN IN PHOTOGRAPHY 2019 EXHIBITION. Since 2011, Nepal Picture Library has been collecting, digitizing, and documenting photographs of all kinds with the objective of safeguarding a visual repository of ordinary life, social history, and public culture of Nepal. Such an archive, they believe, can thrust historical awareness in Nepal from the stodgy register of Great Men to a vision of the past where Nepali people can see themselves reflected. Diwas' presentation will bring experiences and lessons from The Feminist Memory Project, whichthey started as an effort to create a visual archive of Nepal’s feminist history. He will consider what the photographic and visual archive can do to reinvigorate our imagination of the recent past and to capture historical agencies of marginalized groups.

About Nepal Picture Library
Nepal Picture Library (NPL) is a digital photo archive run by photo.circle that strives to create a broad and inclusive visual archive of Nepali social and cultural history. Since its inception in 2011, NPL has collected over 70,000 photographs from various private and organizational sources across Nepal. The archive serves as a safe and open repository for materials that can secure a multicultural and pluralist representation of Nepali history. It also functions as a medium for active public engagement through which Nepali people can deepen meaningful connections with the past. As part of its objective to create a visually dense version of Nepali history for and with public audiences, NPL has created a network of professionals with interest or specialized knowledge in museum design, preservation, curation, exhibition, graphic design, oral history, writing, education, ethnography, visual culture, media, art history, photography, and publishing.

About Diwas Raja Kc
Diwas Raja Kc is a researcher, writer, and curator based in Kathmandu. At Nepal Picture Library, he works on building visual archives of historically obscured subjects. His curatorial show and subsequent photobook Dalit: A Quest for Dignity (2018) explored ways of witnessing Dalit pasts in Nepal. His co-curated exhibition The Public Life of Women (2018) was a result of digging and preserving material traces of feminist experiences in Nepal. He also works as a documentary film editor and has worked with several renowned artists and visual anthropologists.

The photographers featured in the Women in Photography 2019 Exhibition include Hoda Afshar | Taslima Akhter | Lenne Chai | Ashfika Rahman | Mathilde ter Heijne | Nepal Picture Library (curated by NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati and Diwas Raja Kc)


Header image from Nepal Picture Library


Sat Oct 12, 2019
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM SGT
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Workshop Space, Objectifs
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